Yio & Leah - My Chosen One (Personal use and Royalty Free Licenses)

Sergio Schnitzler aka Yio

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Mystical techno trance song with female vocals with a sensual vibe and english lyrics about karma, dharma and tantra so it is related to reincarnation. It’s also a fast love song. Soundtrack performed on synthesizers.

Original soundtrack by Yio (Sergio Schnitzler)
Lyrics and vocals by Leah (Maria Lea Rossetti)
Video with lyrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvD8xZTqmhs

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You are who you are
'cause of my tantra
I gave you my strength
My songs and you shine

You my chosen one
On the wheel of karma
You now a guiding light
My voice, my mantra

You realize it's me
Who you've been searching for

You are who you are
'cause of my tantra
I gave you sense to your life
I placed you high
You my chosen one
for a way of dharma
You my ancestral love
My voice, my mantra

It's me
Who you've been searching for
It's me

Traducción al español de la letra de "My Chosen One" (Mi elegido/a)
Pista original por Yio (Sergio Schnitzler)
Letra y melodía por Leah (Maria Lea Rossetti)

Tú eres quien eres
a causa de mi Tantra
Te dí mi fuerza
Mis canciones y tú brillas

Tú, mi elegido
En la rueda del Karma
Tú, ahora una luz guía
Mi voz, mi Mantra

Te das cuenta que soy yo
A quien estuviste buscando

Tú eres quien eres
a causa de mi Tantra
Le dí sentido a tu vida
Te puse en lo alto

Tú, mi elegido
Para el camino del Dharma
Tú, mi amor ancestral
Mi voz, mi Mantra

Soy yo
A quien estuviste buscando
Soy Yo
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