arrakis prod. Lupin The Beatsmith


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i just wanna chill/like im a penguin in the desert/my surroundings make me ill/im always out for something better/all my dollar dollar bills tied up in my bills/born into this deal/my soul they wanna steal/i dont need to mill for the power/i just need a meal cause the cream sour/the world was never ours/were a slave to the hours/you just wanna stack paper?/its a never ending tower/theres a trump in every deck/so play your cards or get devoured/keep your vision to the light/we grow then bloom then were gone like flowers/gone like yesterday/here like tomorrow/dream in my daze/you got some chains i could borrow?/everyday the same/i see the pain or the sorrow but im looking for the joy tucked away
tucked away/new day clean the dirt when i scour/dancing when it rains on the surface/let it shower
yo i just wanna stay afloat like im a boat lost in the desert/no, i can never lose all my hope/i know that god will lead to better
spend the cash so we can cope/get mad when were broke/i need air before i choke/i find myself in the smoke/ive been thirsty/give me water/guide me to the end/im a goner/stranded in the heat like a sauna/i could pass out/i could pass now/bring the gas out/ive been so thirsty/so thirsty/give me water/guide me to the end/im a goner
whats the purpose/is it worth it/does it get worse/nothing could be perfect/everyday could be the best day alive to get workin/get my work in/tell me how im workin out/lurkin in the shadows of the surface hurting for the sun to shine/it cuts deep like bloodlines/i guess im a god aligning with the planets so the vibe is world wide and felt like a polar shift when gravities collide/rock in the ground like granite/pick a tune/guitar smash it/broken amps/earthquakes on my wavelength/im flexing with strength