I guess it never was...[Prod. René Schier]


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Lyrics:It was all good, it just seemed like a week ago, I'm not counting on time if could I would ignore it and stay up all the time, there's too much see my parents like to stress the need for sleep, I'll wait until I don't hear a peep creep to the tv I hope for ren and stimpy or rockos modern life but it's late so Nick at night, oh they don't play my shows and I can't play my game boy without the light bust the Sega out and take advantage of my knowledge of where the sweets are, it was all good, it seemed like a day or so, pokemon cards x brain yoyo, Nintendo 64s, pogs, slammers, no one I know is in the slammer, I couldn't have explicit cds but I kind miss the ignorant bliss in a sense, everyone does, those hero's ain't been the same since, I remember Steve Austin pulling into the ring on a beer truck to stun vince, now all I think about is the fate of mankind not mankind getting chokedslammed on tacks but isis attacks, where your faith lies, how I can i give back, all lives matter and all they show hate for the black, not all cops are bad, everybody has a family, my dad had 2 rounds in iraq, was border patrol, and a longer list to add, he still wears a badge, were so far apart in distance and obviously were distant, I love him though, I know he does right but that's a different side of the state, he puts his life on the line to stop crime but most of these officers ain't right in the mind but low budgets brings low standards trigger happy quick to pull the hammer, it was all good, it seems I don't remember but I guess it never was, I'm a member of broken dreams dismembered from the vision of the 90s propaganda I didn't get to drink from the decanter got lost in the banter stabbed in the back for blood to feed the planter, I'm just another slave to the grave if I don't get saved and I'm the only one available that doesn't take pay, I know more then pain, I know it leaves a stain, don't let leave you strained, some never know good, I can't imagine, how do you recover from the damage how can you point the blame when you don't know how to aim, I can't stand it, were leaving the youth famished, breast fed babies got people slanted, Taylor swift was the female role model in the mainstream and now she's even trashy, the media's polluted, the news is diluted, they want you know your stupid, tell me what your googling, everyday I'm a student, I'm building an institute with leftover ruins, I want your help, yeah i know you don't hear that much, I'm here to leave you open for the build up, yeah I know don't hear that much, don't be hanging on the cusp for the bust, yea I know don't hear that much, tell me what you know, yea I know don't hear that much, I'm opinionated but I'm just a hater, yea I know you don't hear that much because it's all good to you, wake up, it's not the 90s, there's no hope for the future, the sun is blinding people hope for the 90s outside the climates are changing while you debate over people that ain't straight and abortion, let the gays be gay and that solves a portion of population you want to control, I want a revolution, this is the proof of evolution you don't teach in the school, can't you see that they're scared of change, that's all I have to hold on to and all I have to pay so impromptu, I have all my time to prompt you while your getting stomped by the boots of the man refusing your boost, we have to climb stairs taller the roofs, some got that silver spoon and still don't eat their food, I'm building an institute with leftover ruins, i want your help, yea I know you don't hear that much, but let me break it down like food in your guts, were losing our touch to computers you can touch I guess getting a response is stimulation enough, does it feel good to try and simulate love, dissimulating true creation of what it means to be us, together, hope it never stops if there's forever, us, together, hope it never stops if there's forever, us