I See You Feat. Paterson Cook [Prod. René Schier]


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My Verse-
I see you, yea I know you see me, I'm not the average g shabby daddy lookin greasy, leave the name brand only get it for the cheap but my soul so gold couldn't dull it peep. I see you and everything beyond every binding bond all that you are fond of can't you see I'm older in my actions bring a bold reaction friction with my traction couldn't grip to the attraction I'm so out of fashion look at me lackin what you think is natural, I'm over it just put us all uniforms and then we'll see who doesn't fit, I'm over it, I'm jumping over any jump man, slam dunks man, put em in trunk if it bumps man, i don't need tweeters in the donk man everybody's slumped what is up man, everybody's slow nothing special anymore, anymore of this is not important not a motion for motives that I can notice out of focus telescopic options couldn't help you find a home for you it hopeless your better off askin homeless with osteoporosis why the funny bone is funny, how is me lookin dirty makin you bummy, even if I had the money wouldn't drop it on stuntin rather take some action serve some food for all the youngins, how can you leave street hungry, and spend a couple hundred meals on a function, tell me really what is up man

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