Sevyn Streeter - Next (Young Wolf Hatchlings Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Young Wolf Hatchlings

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Hey hatchlings,

We had a great time making this track in the studio!

Sevyn's vocals are beautiful and sit right in the pocket, we pitched them up and down, added some twerk synths, did a trap breakdown and the rest is history.

The style draws inspiration from cats like DJ Hoodboi, Trippy Turtle, DJ Sliink and a bunch of others who are releasing dope ass records with the whole Jersey Club sound.


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How can my ex boyfriend be my next boyfriend
My ex boyfriend be my next boyfriend
How can my ex boyfriend be my next boyfriend
I need to know, whooaahooah ohh

Mhmm, every time we break up
We turn around and we make up
Momma wonder when I'm gonna wake up
But he love my face with no make-up
And every time I call him
We end up having a problem
And I know we'll probably never solve it
Hmmm, but damn I really love him

Together, forever
I would never, never let you go
See now soon as we say that, we at war
Surrender, somethin' we don't know

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