Sultan + Ned Shepard - All These Roads (Young Wolf Hatchlings Remix)

Young Wolf Hatchlings

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Hey guys, here's our remix for All These Roads by Sultan + Ned Shepard. The vocals are crazy on this one - Zella Day & Sam Martin killed it!

We've been getting a lot of feedback from fans who loved the "You Lovely You" sound so we just had to flip this one in a similar style with a dope ass dubstep drop and chant vocals...

Look out for more releases this Summer and our upcoming video for YLY...

Peace homies.

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Hey babe, all of these roads
wont be, covered in gold
hey babe, no looking back
clear skies are on these tracks

lets go, go down these roads
we can make them our own
If we lose our way
I promise I will stay

I don't want to wait long
so pack your things, lets go
the sun is getting low
well find some place to call home

Oh, Oo aa ohh, oo aa ooh, oohh ooh ohhh

Oh, Oo aa ohh, oo aa ooh, oohh ooh ohhh

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